Work, Sleep, & Dead Fish

Ninety, my new magic number for this last week, and the next eight. A little crazy? Maybe, but I have a lot to catch up on money wise and am happy to do work that is meaningful for others.

Five nights a week I work as a self employed private caregiver for clients in their homes, Tuesday is for teaching piano, and three days are set aside for my newest job as a CNA at Open Arms Care.

Having to perpetually listen for clients calling for help and being ready for any kind of emergency has made me over sensitive to the slightest noise at night. I have even begun to hear their voices in my head and dreams. I may be losing my mind, but I am having a lot of fun in the process.

With the added craziness, I impulsively bought fish at Walmart. I was fascinated by what I imagined their world to be like and walked out with 3 sword fish, (Gary, Tulip, and Daisy), and 2 albino cories, (Alan and Steve). Unfortunately, they went belly up within 2 days, which was quite emotionally traumatic in light of my sleep deprivation. I was more surprised when I took them back and was fully refunded…(the whole experience was awkward; standing in line with a ziplock bag of water and dead fish).

After my fishy adventure, I have concluded I am more suited to owning mammals that can pretty much care for themselves. I spent most of my day off catching up on sleep with my two adorable kitties.

Overall, God truly blessed this week with a new job and countless serendipitous encounters that kept me smiling.


RIP Gary, Tulip, Daisy, Alan, Steve – You will always be a faint & disquieting memory

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