Side Effects

Feathers, top hats, and a parade! All and more included in planning the election and coronation of our new minister. With a huge fellowship meal set up in the parking lot and each candidate’s sermon ready for scrutiny, the families will march down the center isle in their best attire, feathers falling softly from above, and “We Have This Hope” playing on the organ, (King’s Herald). The pastors each then preach their message and afterword the congregation will vote on who delivered it best. Thus, our new pastor will be chosen and crowned with a silk top hat.

Drugs have a funny effect, especially certain sleep medications. One of my private clients that I care for, has four such meds she takes and the resulting stories are the reason I love working the night shift.

I remember one night in particular, after being all tucked in, “Jane” pulled me out of bed to show me her quilts and teach me how to make one for myself. We sat up late into the night laughing and recounting lost memories. Of course, she remembers none of it, but she loves hearing about it in the mornings and telling her friends of her nightly adventures.

Besides midnight inspirations for our local church and quilting lessons, my dear sweet client will see walls calling to her, people on the porch singing, and feel her husband cuddling with her in bed.

In the monotony of every day, the side effects of “Jane’s” sleep medications have turned into a compilation of hilarious tales and fond memories for us both. The negative side effects also have a positive side effect.


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