Summer Scam

On June 16th I put my beloved 2009 sub-compact Scion xD up for sale on craigslist. Now, I know that I can be gullible sometimes, but I thought I had some street smarts. So when I was contacted by a buyer offering my asking price, I was thrilled! I am in desperate financial need and felt my prayers had been answered.

But it went sideways when the out of state buyer wanted to send a freight company to pick up the car. She tried to push the deal through the same day, paid $790 over, and asked me to send a money gram to the freight company. Ironically, I didn’t pick up on the scam until my brilliant brother strongly suggested I get out.

As I tried to back pedal, the buyer started to threaten and lash out. I ended up having to record a confirming no payment call with PayPal, and filing an incident report with the police.

The whole experience shook me up a bit. I really want to believe that people are inherently good and honest, but I am finding my trust slowing depleting. From close relationships to the casual meeting on a street corner, mistrust in brewing in my heart. How do I kept from losing my faith in people?

I believe the answer isn’t in my own ability to perceive trustworthiness. It is the faith I put in Christ. We do need to be smart, but by trusting God rather than our own heart, we can avoid damaging relationships and sticky situations.


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