Take Back

In my previous post, I reflected on being single and expressed my frustration at not finding my love story yet. I take it back. No more feeling sorry for myself or wondering where my life has gone.

This sabbath at church, I heard a great sermon on building a solid foundation in my spiritual life, one that will stand the coming storm at the end of time. With all the chaos that is happening in our world, I need to refocus. What am I most concerned with? Who I’ll marry? or If I have a solid foundation with Christ?

We were challenged to dig deep and build on the Rock, Jesus, in our personal lives and as a church, (Matthew 7:24-26, Luke 6:46-48). The signs are all around us, Christ is coming very very soon. All the violence, pain, hate, and chaos points to it. Satan is doing everything in his power to keep us occupied; work, relationships, media, politics..anything as long as it distracts from what we really should be doing; growing in and sharing the love of God.

No more distractions. No more selfish reflection. Jesus must be the focus of my life. Whatever He wants me to do, wherever He wants me to go, I will.

What about you? Do you have a solid foundation? Do you believe that Jesus is coming soon? And if you truly believe it, what are you doing about it?

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