Finally, the best holiday has arrived. Family, friends, games, pies, vegan turkey, and thanksgiving. The food may be the first theme that comes to mind, but we know it is so much more, it is a celebration of life.

This entire week is a reminder of where we came from and what is important. It symbolizes unity; cultures and races coming together, forgiveness; putting aside differences, and gratitude; firstly for God’s preservation and then to the people in our lives who support us.

This is the essence of Thanksgiving and the reason it is my favorite season, (besides the crisp leaves, cool weather, turkey stuffing, sweaters, vibrant colors, and time off from university).

Special thanks to God who persistently seeks to love and save me. Also to my parents who care for me more than I do, my brother Stefan and my sister Amber who I miss so much, Shaun who I always know is there for me, and my youngest brother Josh whose humor is unmatched and genius unrivaled. 

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