There is an unique excitement that accompanies a new year. Endless possibilities and the feeling of invincibility drives us to set grand goals. We tell ourselves, “This year will be different. This year everything changes for the better.”

As much as I appreciate and participate in this kind of heroic optimism, I have been compelled to contemplate the longevity of such resolutions. What makes this year different from the last? And how can I ensure that I follow through for more than a couple months?

Accountability. The more I read and grow, the greater my conviction of the absolute necessity of accountability in our lives. Not just through our bosses at work, but in everything we set out to achieve.

I will be successful this year. Not because I will try harder, make better schedules or lists, or because I am more determined. But because I will pray and seek godly accountability partners for each area of my life. I will look for friends who support and love me, but will be honest with me. Individuals that I can tell my goals to, who I meet with to assess my progress, and who will not be afraid to challenge me or call me out.

A year from now, I don’t want to see what I could have accomplished. I want to say I did what I set out to do and check it off in my journal. By God’s grace and with accountability, I will achieve my goals and be successful in 2018.

Do you have accountability partners in your physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual aspects of your life? What are you doing to seek accountability? Those individuals need to be people who will push you when you start to give up halfway through the year. Choose wisely. This year can be different. Everything can change for the better. Be accountable.

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