Boiled Down

God is Love. This profound yet simple sentence has captured my heart. I don’t believe I will ever realize the full impact of this three word phrase, but it has already begun to change the way I view my Creator.

At the beginning of January, 2011, I attended a christian youth conference in Orlando, Florida called Generation of Youth for Christ. A wide variety of speakers and young people came from all over the globe to focus on revival and evangelism. After much consideration, I chose to go to the meetings by David Asscherick. The message seemed fundamental, but came with a twist.

Picture a table of truth with different objects on top representing various ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we have been taught. The problem is that although many of the concepts on our table are true, we don’t know why. As a result, our belief systems have become disorganized with nothing holding it together. In John 5:39, Jesus says, you study the scripture, but you have missed the point! You can know scripture and completely miss what scripture is about.

I was challenged to wipe everything off my table and, with the bible only, start putting things back that are tried based on one primary belief.

From Genesis to Revelation, the bible has one central motif, God is Love. We cannot know what God is because there is nothing we can compare Him with, but we can catch a glimpse of who He is.

Is having a God good news? Yes? Is having a husband good news? It depends. Having a god can be good or bad news depending on who or what kind of god he is. If God is a loving god, then that is the BEST news on earth! I want to serve that kind of god.

From reading the bible, I am convinced God is Love. Christ came and sacrificed everything because he loved us, (John 3:16). Every chapter in the old and new testament reveals God’s love for us.

Now, if this is a central truth, then we need to compare everything else we know about God to that fundamental truth. Then we can begin to build on our own table of truth and start connecting the dots.

Boiled down, the scripture is a letter of who God is and God is Love, (1 John 4:8).

Do you serve a God of love? How will this belief change your perspective of our Creator? How does it affect your other beliefs?

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