To Be or Not To Be – What was the question?

I know too much! I can’t ignore it. I have to make a final decision.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye to the truth concerning animal products. There is so much research out and having heard or read most of it, it requires me to make up my mind. Will I incorporate that knowledge into my lifestyle or simply live as I please?

So the question – Will I be, or will I not be switching to a plant-based lifestyle? The reality is that I want to live. I love life and want to go on adventures, climb mountains and rock faces, camp, hike, run, play with my kids, and not worry about my health. They say you don’t know you have it until you don’t. I don’t want to wait until I have heart, bone, or hormone problems to force me to change the way I eat. I would rather do it now while my body is most adaptable and create a habit for life.

There is so much to say on this topic, but in short, there is no excuse for me. At this point,  not to become vegan would go against my conscious. And so, I have entered a 10 week research program that puts its participates on a whole food, plant-based diet. I can’t stray as it would mess up the research so I have a great excuse to make the switch and generate the habit of plant based nutrition. I know that my life and health will improve and I can’t wait to see the results. I’ll keep you up dated.


PS – If you have any questions about what or how I am doing it, just let me know 😉

3 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be – What was the question?

    • lheldzinger says:

      Thanks and absolutely! I grew up vegan for the most part, but as I grew older kinda did my own thing, had to choose whether I was going to do what was best for me or was felt great in the moment


      • Jonathan Bleeker says:

        Know the feeling. I was kinda forced to switch from my teenage choices when I realized that having inherited my dad’s sensitivities, it was a matter of soon to be life or death.


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