Seek the Simplicity

Over the past 7 years, my life has taken some unexpected turns, most of which were painful. I have learned a lot, especially about mental health and how to take care of myself and protect my relationships. One of the practices that got me through some of the dark moments was to write down things I love or that make me smile. The following is a list of such things. I hope you smile too and are inspired to start your own.

Little Things I Love
– Rocking chairs
– Chess and checkerboards
– Quilts
– Popping popcorn.
– Dinners with my Pappa
– Cat paws
– Kitty Purring in my ear
– Yellow Cars
– Old Mini Coopers and Beetles
– Packing for holidays.
– Holidays!
– Quirks in my family.
– Random singing
– Mailed letters in real handwriting
– Friends who notice you’re not there
– Friends who are real with you, that understand you and you can be real with
– Randomness and serendipity
– Losing to someone who was simply brilliant
– Hummus
– Salsa
– Pasta
– People with a heavy accent
– Acapella
– Gummies!
– The fact that my parents love me no matter what
– Chemistry Experiments
– Paint
– Lists like these
– Little creeks
– Feb 1 and Dec 24 and Jan 2 and Thanksgiving
– Sabbaths on the 7th
– Unintentional or unexpected romance
– Soft squishy mud
– Sound of water
– Water itself…just fascinating
– The fresh feeling in your mouth and nose after a really strong mint
– Sound of a ticking clock as I fall asleep
– Quiet mornings
– Sun across my bed
– Rainbows
– Rain and sunshine at same time
– Smell after rain
– Campfire with friends
– Smell of marshmallows roasting
– Squishing marshmallows from the microwave
– Really cold drinking fountain water
– Sun rays breaking through clouds
– Clouds in general
– Flags in the wind
– The last page of a good book
– Sound of dry leaves underfoot
– Ukes, banjos, mandolins, basses, guitars, fiddles, cellos
– Fun percussion noises
– Little notes
– Socks, especially knee highs
– People with big hats
– Women with really long hair
– Tea and warm feeling to my stomach
– Plants are my friends
– Little flash lites
– Vintage or antique
– Acoustic / broken down songs
– Warm paper from a printer
– Feeling after cutting my nails
– Looking for car’s faces
– Cute salt shakers
– Mugs and Teacups
– Old lanterns and candles
– My brothers or dad complimenting me
– Back, shoulder, and feet massages
– Feeling just before I drift off to sleep
– Laughing gas
– Flower petals
– Good lighting in a room
– Wood furniture
– Fans
– Buckets and baskets
– Chocolate hollow eggs
– Harmony music
– Friends without wanting something in return
– Scruffy beards
– Daydreams
– Weird funny dreams
– Christmas lights
– My moms lasagna
– Garfield
– The Andy Griffith show
– A horse’s nudge
– Home cooked food
– Evening Candles
– Classical Music
– Hymns sung in 4 part harmony
– Gentlemen
– A good sermon
– Friends who braid your hair
– Feeling of having someone play with your hair
– Scalp massages
– The way a guy naturally looks at a girl he really likes
– People who paint
– Masquerade masks
– When someone gets your joke
– Different laughs
– Different unique signatures
– Birds singing
– Cat who follows you around
– Baby animals
– Brown paper bags
– A really good glass of water
– Dream cards
– Having feelings validated
– Feeling after argument is solved
– Love letters and cards
– Beautiful unintentional photographs – candids
– Private jokes
– Puny jokes
– Artistic irony
– Warm clothes from the dryer
– Setting goals
– Feeling when reached the goal
– Getting all As in school
– Helping others reach goals
– Teamwork
– Divine intervention
– Divine appointments
– Pineapples
– Grapefruit
– Tennis
– Spectacular scenery
– Forest
– Wide and tall treees
– Colours of fall
– Boots and coats
– Warm tea in cold weather
– Camping under clear star filled sky
– Lying under a clear star filled sky
– Tiny homes and their simplicity
– Condensation from my breath
– Little things that show I’m thought off
– Good leftovers
– Wildflowers
– Flowers in general
– Perfect white world after snowfall
– cute bumper stickers
– Crop fields
– CSA farms
– Eating from your own garden
– Food from Asia (all kinds)
– Top hats
– Stone walls and paths
– Climbing vines
– The significance of the cross, a God who cares, and infinite love he gives us

This list is ongoing. I hope to add to it and review it to remind myself of the simple joys in life. I pray you will have a wonderful day and look for the simple things that make life wonderful.

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